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Tethering (Personal Hotspot) is available for some plans. 
*Please install the application and check the each plan's details to see if tethering is available for your plan. 

How to tetheter your iPhone to each device 
The iPhone can be connected to computers, tablets, game consoles, and other devices via a wired USB connection, wireless connection, or Wi-Fi/Bluetooth. 

Setting up tethering (Internet sharing) on your iPhone 
By enabling tethering on your iPhone, you can connect other devices (PC, tablet, iPad/iPod touch, game console) to the Internet. 

1. Select “Personal Hotspot" from "Settings" on your iPhone 
Tap "Settings" on the iPhone home screen. Select “Personal Hotspot” from the "Cellular" settings screen. 

2. Enable Tethering 
From the “Personal Hotspot" screen, turn on "Allow 0thers to Join" to enable the tethering function. 
If the iPhone's "Wi-Fi/Bluetooth" is turned off, a confirmation screen will appear asking you to turn on "Wi-Fi/Bluetooth". 

If you use "Wi-Fi/Bluetooth" for Internet sharing, select "Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth."  

If tethering is not available, try the APN setting 

1. Tap "Settings" on the iPhone home screen 

2. Select "Cellular” 

3. Select "Triffa eSIM” 

4. Select "Cellular Data” 

5. Scroll down and fill in the code* in the "Internet Sharing" APN field 

*The APN code is the same as the “Cellular Data" code on the same screen. 

The "internet" code is an example. Please note that the code will differ depending on the plan. 

User name: Blank 

Please try tethering with “Personal Hotspot” turned on. 

If an error occurs when “Personal Hotspot” is turned on 

▪️Please check the following, “The error message appears when turned on”Personal Hotspot”.

Tethering via Wi-Fi connection

After enabling ”Personal Hotspot”on your iPhone, connect to a Bluetooth-enabled device (PC, tablet, iPod touch, portable game console, etc.) wirelessly via Wi-Fi.

On the Wi-Fi connection screen of the device, select "iPhone" and fill in the "Password.

The "Password" can be found in the iPhone Settings > Cellular>Personal Hotspot 

Tethering via Bluetooth

After enabling tethering on your iPhone, connect to a Bluetooth-enabled device (PC, tablet, iPod touch, etc.) wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Once the Bluetooth connection is established with the iPhone, the device will be able to connect to the Internet. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our chat support .


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