■ I don't know which one is Trifa's eSIM (iOS)

Modified on Fri, 13 Oct 2023 at 03:13 PM

Here is the procedure for identifying which eSIM is the Trifa eSIM after activating. 

1. Open 'Settings'.  

2. Select 'Cellular (Mobile)'  

3. The new eSIM will appear at the top of 'Add eSIM' 


    1. eSIMs installed (activated) via Trifa are often assigned names such as 'secondary line', 'travel', 'work' or 'mobile data communication'.  
 2. on the other hand, the SIM you normally use is assigned a name such as 'carrier's name' or 'main line' and may contain a Japanese mobile phone number. 

If you are using the eSIM abroad, please switch off the 'main line' and its data roaming. 

If you cannot tell from the name alone: compare with the ICCID of the Trifa eSIM. 

▪ Turn on SIM without a phone number, such as Settings 'Secondary line', 'Travel', 'Work' or 'Mobile data communication'. 

・Please go to iPhone Settings → 'General' → 'Information', scroll down and check the item marked 'ICCID'. 
Please open the Trifa app and go to 'My eSIM' → Select your plan → Compare with the ICCID at the bottom of the Usage Status page. 

*The ICCID displayed on your iPhone has one digit added at the end, but it is OK if the first half matches. 
 Example: '89103000000060434764' and '8910300000006043476' 


If you have any problems, please contact the support chat. 

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